Terms & Conditions

(Please read carefully and understand all the Terms & Conditions, Rules & Regulations, Disclosure and Waivers)



  1. All who wish to participate will require to register and pay the fees in full.
  2. The participant agrees to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about the participant. The Organizer may contact the participant from time to time by email. Any notice sent to the email address registered with the Organizer shall be deemed as received by the participant. If the participant provides any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, or if the Organizer has grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, the Organizer may suspend or terminate the participant’s registration.
  3. This is a rain or shine event; no refund of fees will be made.
  4. No refund will be made for wrongful or duplicate registration.
  5. Changing of run categories is not allowed. Participants will need to re-register to change a run category.
  6. The organizers reserve the right to remove and/or deny registration to any participant(s) deemed physically incapable of starting or continuing the race to prevent him/her from injuries, or if the participant poses a security risk/issue at the event.
  7. For team participation, the team leader shall be responsible to get participation consent of all its team members, including each team member’s consent to agree to the organizer’s disclaimer, waiver, rules and regulations.
  8. For participants below age of 18 are required to see parental/guardian consent and complete the relevant indemnity declaration forms as deemed necessary by the organizer upon registration. Failing which, the organizer reserves the right to refuse entry to any participant. Parents and Guardians shall be responsible for the participant below age of 18 and have legal authority to agree to the organizer’s disclaimer, waiver, rules and regulations.



  1. All participants shall be issued an event T-shirt according to the pre-selected size during registration to participate during the event.
  2. Collection of T-shirts and race kit must be made on either these dates: 27 or 28 October 2018 at Calvary Convention Centre from 10am-5pm. Race kits will not be distributed during the day of event and uncollected t-shirts and race kits will be disposed or redistributed by the organizer’s jurisdiction.
  3. T-Shirts sizes are not exchangeable.



  1. All prize winners shall present their identity card or passport or verification.
  2. Winners must collect their prize during the prize giving ceremony. Uncollected prizes shall be disposed or redistributed upon organizer’s jurisdiction.
  3. The organizer reserves the rights to change the prize item of equal value to the original prize of all winner’s category.



  1. Each category run will be officially over as stipulated below:
    • 5km & 10km – 2 hours 15 mins
    • 21km – 3 hours 45 mins
  2. Water stations will be available during the event.
  3. The organizer reserves the rights to delay the commencement of the event due to bad weather or any other unforeseen circumstances. The organizers reserve the rights to cancel the event of extreme weather conditions, security concerns/issues, and/or any other unforeseen circumstances without any refund of the registration fees.
  4. The organizer shall not be held responsible or liable for any cost incurred, claims, or arrangements made by the participant to participate for the event.
  5. The organizers reserve the rights to use any photographs, including those of the participant, video recordings, or any other media records of the event taken before, during and after the event for the organizer’s usage.
  6. Whilst every reasonable precaution will be taken by the organizer to ensure participant’s safety, all participants run at their own risk and each participant shall take sensible measures to prevent injury and accidents. Participants shall ensure all necessary personal medical requirements are taken care before, during, and after the event. The organizer will not be responsible or held liable for any injury, accidents, death or illness howsoever arising from training for, or during the event.
  7. Organizer reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without giving prior notification or any reasons thereof.



I signify that I have read, understood and agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions in respect of the Organizer’s collection, use and disclosure of your personal information. Further, I hereby expressly agree and consent to the Organizers (including its related entities, as well as their respective agents’), collection, use and disclosure of your personal information.



  1. I understand cross country running or walking activities present inherent risks, including but not limited to exposure to adverse weather conditions and physical injury or illness.
  2. I fully understand the risks and scope of the activities involved in this event, and agree to assume the risk of my participation and/or minor child(ren)’s participation and/or my team members participation in the event, including the risk of catastrophic injury or death. I hereby release and fully discharge Calvary Convention Centre, its trustees, officers, employees and agents, and all event sponsors, workers, officials and volunteers from all liabilities in connection with my participation and/or my child(ren)’s participation and/or team members participation in this event, of or on account of my injury to or illness of my person or death, or for or on account of any loss or damage to any personal property or effects owned by me and/or my child(ren).
  3. I agree to abide by all rules and regulation of participation.
  4. I understand that the Bukit Jalil CCC Run does not require a medical examination or screening prior to my participation in the event and that it is my responsibility to ascertain whether I am sufficiently physically fit to participate.